WGN Morning Sports Guy: Stop Complaining About How I Say Ryne Sandberg

By Kevin Eck 

WGN morning sports guy Pat Tomasulo is following his colleague Paul Konrad into the rant business.

This morning Tomasulo went off on baseball fans who complain he doesn’t pronounce Ryne Sandbreg’s name correctly.

“So all of you 45-60 year old baseball experts out there who want to send me Facebook messages you can stop tweeting to your 37 people and putting pictures of your dog on Facebook,” Tomasulo said on set. “I got it. We’re straight.”


He then told them to get a life and a hobby. Last week, Konrad told viewers to shut their pie-holes.

Sandberg, whose nickname is Ryno, was an infielder for the Chicago Cubs for 15 years.