WGN Anchor Compares Career Paths With CNN’s Bill Weir

By Kevin Eck 

WGN anchor Paul Konrad and CNN’s Bill Weir started at WGN around the same time in 1996.

Since then Weir has gone on to network jobs, while Konrad has stayed at the Tribune-owned Chicago station.

When Weir stopped by the CW affiliate, Konrad showed off some high tech charts to compare career trajectories. Konrad joked that while Weir was working with Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, he was given hosting duties for the Botanic Garden Segment.

“If a time traveler had come to us in 1996 and said, ‘Guys, this is where your lives are headed,'” said Weir. “I think we both would be totally fine with it.”

“Here’s the irony,” said Konrad. “Today, you get to join me for the Botanic Garden segment and we’re not just doing rutabagas, we’re going all out today.”