WGGB Videographer Hospitalized After Springfield Explosion

By Merrill Knox 

WGGB videographer Tom Brushway was hospitalized Friday after a massive explosion in downtown Springfield.

Brushway was sent to the scene to cover the gas leak for the Springfield ABC affiliate. He was one of 20 people injured in the explosion, which happened shortly after he arrived on the scene.

“I called my producer, I said, ‘hey look, it doesn’t really look like anything’s happening, looks like they’re kind of wrapping it up here, can I come back to the station?’ He’s like ‘yeah, we got what we need,'” Brushway recalled. “No less than five seconds later, boom. Next thing I know, I’m just on the ground, lying in glass. There was just debris falling everywhere, and this is the videographer. I’m trying to figure, my camera’s half broken, can I shoot?”

WGGB staffer Erin Moran rushed Brushway to the hospital, where he was treated for cuts and bruises to his head, hands, and leg from the flying debris. He is expected to return to work today.

Watch video of WGGB’s report on Brushway’s experience: