WGCL Taps Veteran Talent for One Minute Opinions

By Kevin Eck 

Monday through Friday at 5:56 p.m., WGCL viewers will get to hear opinions from former local TV news people and other veteran journalists as part of its new project called “Just a Minute.”

Some of the names involved: former WAGA anchor Amanda Davis, former WSB and WAGA reporter Sally Sears, former CNN Headline News anchor and WSB host Kimberly Kennedy, former WSB political reporter and current senior ep at and Georgia Public Broadcasting anchor Bill Nigut. None of those involved used to work at WGCL.

Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Rodney Ho calls it a “Shrewd marketing move.”


“To assemble this type of team is truly special,” said WGCL vp and gm Mark Pimental. “There is nothing like it in Atlanta television today and we can’t wait for ‘Just a Minute’ to get started. The team is going to give their perspective on the biggest stories of the day. Viewers may agree or disagree on what’s being said but it makes for spirited dialogue inside our community on important topics.”

Michael Castengera, a broadcast news consultant told the AJC, “You got to get on the radar screen” as a fourth-place station. This could help.”