Lane Michaelsen to Join WGCL as News Director

By Kevin Eck 

WGCL, Meredith’s Atlanta CBS affiliate, has announced the hiring of Lane Michaelsen as news director.

“Michaelsen has built a solid reputation of leading quality newscasts and storytelling,” WGCL general manager Trey Fabacher told staffers in an email. “Rating increases have been seen very quickly at almost every post he has held. He is also very skilled in listening and learning about newsrooms and culture and making the right adjustments to place them in the best situation to be successful.”

Michaelsen, who comes to WGCL from Cincinnati ABC affiliate WCPO, started his career as a photojournalist.


His first job as news director was at Gannett owned KTHV in Little Rock, AR.  He then worked as corporate vice president of news for all Gannett stations. In that role he served as news director for WTSP in Tampa and WUSA in Washington, D.C. Michaelsen then left Gannett to work as vice president of news and content for NBC owned WTVJ in Miami before moving to WCPO.

Michaelsen’s first day at WGCL will be in two weeks on April 3.