WTXF Reporter Fires Back at Facebook Troll Who Called Her ‘Hideous’

By Mark Joyella 

Good Day Philadelphia co-host Jenn Frederick took on a Facebook troll Wednesday, responding to a viewer who sent a Facebook message to Frederick’s station, Fox-owned WTXF, saying “who’s been messing with Jenn’s face? She looks HIDEOUS!!”

Sharing the viewer’s message on her own Facebook page (though concealing the troll’s identity), Frederick responded, “thanks for watching and caring enough to tell everyone at my place of work how you feel about me. You are not nice…but you deserve to be heard.”

Frederick has been at WTXF since 1999–and became a Good Day co-host in 2003. She took to Facebook to share the viewer’s message–and to respond in detail in a public post:


Ok I’m hideous. I’m not exactly tall. I’m not 25 anymore and today I was delivered a version of the comment below from more than one person on FACEBOOK. So it MUST BE TRUE … Right? FACEBOOK DOES NOT LIE.

I’ll admit I have good make-up days and bad. But, to call me HIDEOUS that really gets to a person. Hideous – like a witch – like an evil warlock – HIDEOUS is a one word punch in the gut. (oh I have a gut too) I guess the other reason why it hurts is that I thought I looked ok today. Hey – did you see what I did there? I admitted that it hurts my feelings to be called ugly & hideous.

I don’t care if you are 12 or 87 … Does not matter if you’re a mailman or a TV person … It hurts to be called names. Please remember that the next time you want to post something awful like this on FACEBOOK. Especially, on the page operated by the company that pays my family’s mortgage and other bills. It could be your daughter or sister , your favorite co-worker who is forced to look at a comment like that at work. (Im assuming you would never write something this awful about a man)

I know you deserve to be heard … I just don’t think I need to hear you call me hideous anymore.