WFSB Crew Involved Multi-Car Crash On The Way to A Story

By Kevin Eck 

A WFSB news vehicle was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on I-91 yesterday.

The Hartford CBS affiliate said the multi-vehicle crash happened between Exits 24 and 25, according to the Department of Transportation. The three left lanes were shut down.

News director Keith Connors told TVSpy, he was at the hospital and “frankly more concerned with our teammates than the details of the accident” when we asked about it. But, he did say, a station reporter and photographer were being treated at Hartford Hospital. Their injuries don’t appear to be severe. But they are both shaken up.


Connors said the two were on the way to a story and stopped in rush hour traffic on I-91, around 5 p.m. when their vehicle was hit from behind causing a chain reaction.