WFOR’s Shannon Hori On Being Miami’s First Asian-American Anchor

By Merrill Knox 

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel profiles Shannon Hori, an anchor at Miami CBS O&O WFOR. The Asian-American Hori talks about how her background has impacted her career:

On camera, she is the Fort Lauderdale-Miami TV market’s first and only Asian-American primary TV news anchor, and one of the few nationwide in top TV markets. Off-camera, the third-generation Japanese-American shares stories about her bicultural upbringing at local and national events.

“It’s my way of giving back and being thankful,” Hori says during a recent weekday at WFOR in Doral. “Our world has become so much smaller because of the Internet.  Anytime we can build these connections with people from other countries, it’s so beneficial. There is a lot more interest in Japan after the earthquake.”

“There are now more Asian-American anchors and reporters than they were, say 20 years ago,” George Kiriyama says. “Shannon is a perfect example of someone who represents not just the Asian-American community, but the best in journalism. For Shannon to be in that market is a huge deal.”