WFOR’s Al Sunshine Announces Retirement

By Kevin Eck 

Al Sunshine has announced his retirement from WFOR.

The investigative reporter for the CBS owned Miami station who celebrated 40 years in broadcasting last year, told TVSPy in an email, “After some 25 years at WCIX/WFOR CBS TV in Miami, I decided to retire. CBS offered me an opportunity to continue reporting here, but were unable to agree on the terms.”

Sunshine started his carer at WTVJ in 1972 when it was the CBS affiliate. He’s also worked at CNN as the acting Miami Bureau Chief and the Dade County Manager’s office.  During his career, Sunshine covered the Miami-based Watergate burglars, the Mariel Boat Lift and the Challenger disaster. He started working at WFOR in 1988 when its call letters were WCIX.


“I have nothing but 25 years of very good memories covering South Florida at WCIX/WFOR with some of the best professionals in the market,” said Sunshine. “I’ve been blessed with a great career and am very thankful for the opportunity to cover this dynamic community and serve my viewers. Over the past 4 decades, my investigations have prompted numerous local and state consumer protection laws here in Florida.”

Sunshine went on to say his future plans included, “writing, consulting, starting up my own own business and nurturing my gray beard so it’s up to the standards of next years “Hemingway Contest” in Key West.”  He closed by saying, “Not done yet, working on my next Chapter.”