WFAA Anchor Questions Greg Hardy’s ‘Innocent’ Twitter Bio

By Kevin Eck 

WFAA sports guy Dale Hansen is questioning Cowboys’ defensive end Greg Hardy‘s decision making process.

Last week, Deadspin released photos of Hardy’s wife and wrote about the domestic violence allegations against Hardy. WFAA reports, “Hardy changed his biography on Twitter overnight, and it read, “Innocent until proven guilty — lack of knowledge & information is just ignorance-the unjust/prejudicial treatment of diff categories of people is discrimination.”

Hansen questioned Hardy’s “Innocent until proven guilty” tweet, saying in part, “I will tell you this: If I’m ever accused of hitting a woman and I did not do it… and some prosecutor says I paid her to keep quiet… and I didn’t do that, either… trust me on this, we will be back in court. We will be in a courtroom again. I would never allow a prosecutor to slander me like that if I didn’t do it.”


Hansen went after Hardy in March when he was signed by the hometown team, asking the Cowboys, “Is there no line you won’t cross? Is there no crime you won’t accept? Is there no behavior you will not tolerate?”