WFAA Anchor Now Doctor Anchor

By Kevin Eck 

You can now call WFAA anchor John McCaa, Dr. John McCaa, Ph.D.

McCaa said he spent seven years working on his doctor of philosophy from the University of Texas at Dallas.

“People ask me if it was hard, and yeah, it was really hard. But it should be hard,” McCaa told the Dallas Morning News. “Everything that’s easy in life, you tend to forget. Well, I won’t forget this!”


The one practical application, he hopes, will be in his weekly commentary during the 6 p.m. Friday broadcasts.

“Commentary is context,” he said. And the more education you have, the more complete the context you can provide, he believes.

“These days, people’s idea of reaching back for political context is quoting Ronald Reagan,” he said. He prefers The Federalist Papers or Plutarch’s Parallel Lives.

“I’m pretty old-school about things,” he said.