WEYI Pushes News Back to Let Viewers Watch ‘Voice’ Finale After Power Outage

By Kevin Eck 

Viewers of WEYI were not happy after the station took a power hit that knocked the Flint, MI, NBC affiliate off the air during the finale of the NBC show “The Voice.”

Viewers screens froze around 10:25 p.m. last night during the build up to the announcement of the winner. Many viewers took to the station’s facebook page to air their displeasure with the situation. One viewer commented, “Someone’s getting fired. #VoiceFinale

The station came back at 11:05 p.m. with anchor Jane Park telling viewers, “We want to apologize for some technical issues we’ve been dealing with here. We’ve had a power hit at the station. At this time, we’re going to take you to the last segment of “The Voice” finale. We’ll be back after that with your local news.”

>UPDATE: Becky Butcher, president and CEO of WEYI, told TVSpy, “We had Severe weather on Monday evening which caused power outages throughout our viewing area. We were operating our stations by generator, and at 10:25pm Tuesday evening our generator blew its regulator which caused us to go off the air and it was during the last thirty minutes of the season finale’ of The Voice.”

“We continue to work on equipment issues from the power outage, however we are broadcasting and should not have any further issues with our signal.”

Butcher added, “…obviously our viewers were not happy and we have taken several complaints and we are doing everything we can do to answer questions and let viewers know how they can watch the show in its entirety.”