WEWS Stands By Story Ohio GOP Called ‘Shockingly Biased’, ‘Slanted’ and ‘False’

By Kevin Eck 

The Ohio republican Party is calling for an investigation into WEWS reporter Morgan Trau (pictured) for what it’s calling “her slanted and false reporting on the campaign for Ohio Supreme Court.”

The Ohio GOP said in a press release that Trau, “a registered Democrat, either intentionally used false information or failed to make the most basic of inquiries to ascertain the truth,” resulting in a “shockingly biased story passed off as nonpartisan” that “fell well short of a reporter’s obligation to be objective and fair.”

Trau is the station’s Statehouse reporter and political multimedia journalist and is based out of the Columbus Bureau.


In her report, Trau stated that three Republican candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court “are being accused by pro-choice advocates and nonpartisan lawyers of lacking impartiality after the candidates shared their thoughts on abortion with a political action committee while campaigning.”

The Ohio GOP countered that the only “evidence” in the story comes from a “self-described ‘Democratic strategist'” and abortion advocate, ethics and bias lawyer Dr. Tracy Pearson.

In the story, Pearson told Trau the justices broke the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct “by giving their opinion on a topic that is likely to head to the court while they are presiding.”

In a response to the GOP, WEWS news director Jodie Heisner wrote in a letter, “We understand that not every organization or individual is going to like every story — or quotes or sources. But that does not make them inaccurate or even unfair.”

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