WEWS Angry at TBS for Showing Flaming River Picture

By Kevin Eck 

Cable network TBS angered Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS when it made fun of something that happened 47 years ago.

After the Indians beat the Boston Red Sox in the MLB playoffs, TBS showed a picture of the network’s baseball announcers in front of a picture of a burning river, with the caption “Welcome to Cleveland” which is a reference to the time the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969.

Saying TBS depicted Cleveland in an untrue and unethical way, anchor Leon Bibb told viewers they should be angry and puzzled since the picture TBS used was of a pipeline inferno in Russia.


“In baseball terms TBS tossed a brushback beanball at our heads,” said Bibb. “So we are calling TBS out for that. One more thing, TBS, my name is Leon Bibb and if you want to take issue with me about Cleveland or our river meet me at the clean Cuyahoga where it meets the broad chested Lake Erie. We can have a face to face talk on the riverbank one night if you catch my drift.