West Palm Beach Reporter Gets Rough Treatment for Asking Mayor Questions

By Kevin Eck 

WPEC reporter Al Pefley had his mic shoved aside and was kicked out of an event because he asked West Palm Beach mayor Keith James some tough questions.

Pefley had been asking the mayor for months about his promise to explore possible funding for an emergency homeless shelter with the County and local non-profit groups. Pefley said The Mayor has repeatedly refused to answer any of his questions. “Going so far as having us disinvited or kicked out of public events to avoid answering why his administration hasn’t prioritized addressing this problem.”

Pefley continued his line of questioning when he got an invite to a luncheon honoring the mayor with a Housing Heroes Award from the Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach County for supporting the creation of affordable housing in the city.


Pefley was repeatedly ignored and at one point the mayor’s Director of Communications Diane Papadakos pushed Pefley’s mic out of the way and also uses her body to block Pelfey from the mayor. She then had security kick him out of the building.

Click here to watch the full exchange: