Welcome to the New TVSpy Website!

By Andrew Gauthier 

Come on in and take a look around.  We think you’ll be happy with our new digs.

The TV News business is a fast-paced, up-to-the second industry that is continually looking for ways to innovate.  And it’s about time that TVSpy had a website that is able to keep pace.

With the new site, TVSpy’s core features and its focus on local TV news remain in tact but we now offer better ways for you to receive the latest industry news and gossip as well as interact with others in the local TV community.

Here is some information regarding elements of the new site…

New Ways to Discuss, Debate, and Interact

With the new site, we’ve adopted the conventional blog format of posts with individual comments sections.  The blog-style commenting is powered by Disqus.  If you don’t have a Disqus account already, you can sign up for one at Disqus.com or by simply clicking on the Disqus link next to the comments section (don’t worry, it’s easy to sign up and completely free).

We also have a brand-new interface for the TVSpy Watercooler message board. The link to the new Watercooler is located at the top of the TVSpy site…

Your existing TVSpy log-in will continue to work with the new Watercooler interface so it should be an easy transition.

We Want to Hear From You

Now getting in touch with TVSpy is easier than ever. If you have a hot tip that you’d like to send to us, you can enter it anonymously at the top of the site…

You can also send tips, as well as On the Move submissions and press releases to tvspy@mediabistro.com Looking forward to hearing from you!

Daily Email Newsletter

Having been around for nearly three decades, TVSpy has undergone several transformations and changed its methods of distribution along the way. We understand that a large portion of our audience relies on the daily e-newsletter to be their go-to source of industry news and information. If you’re already signed up, you will continue to receive the “ShopTalk” email Monday-Friday.  For up-to-the-second news updates, check in to tvspy.com throughout the day and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @TVSpyNews.

Take a Look Around and Let Us Know What You Think

We’ve worked hard to retain the core aspects of TVSpy while advancing the ways that they’re delivered. We understand that the new site will take some getting used to so please let us know if you have any questions, ideas, etc. You can leave them in the Disqus comments section below or sound off on the new TVSpy Watercooler.

For specific membership/account inquiries, please email tvspy.info@mediabistro.com

For all other concerns, including editorial suggestions and publicity submissions, please email tvspy@mediabistro.com

Here’s to the future!