Weekend Obamathon Wraps With ‘Late Show’ Appearance

By Andrew Gauthier 


President Obama is set to wrap up a weekend media blitz with a visit to “The Late Show” on Monday. The President will take an aggressive tour of Sunday morning TV this week with appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Univision, and it was announced on Tuesday that he will also be a guest on David Letterman‘s Monday show.

On September 21st, President Obama will be the sole guest on “The Late Show” and, as a CBS press release points out, Obama’s appearance “will mark the first by a sitting U.S. President on the “Late Show” and his first visit back to the show since his election.” The president is no stranger to the Ed Sullivan Theater as he has visited Letterman’s show on five previous occasions, the last being on September 10, 2008.


President Obama is well on his way to being the most visible president in the history of the office. Just last Sunday, Obama participated in the second “60 Minutes” interview of his young term. With health care reform a major project of his administration, he has given four primetime press conferences since taking office in January–George W. Bush held only three during his entire first term.

There are no details yet as to how the “Late Show” producers plan to program the entire hour around one guest.