Website Provides Marketplace For Anchors’ Wardrobes

By Andrew Gauthier 

New York Post

A new web site has opened up that sells the slightly used stuff that TV news people believe they can’t wear anymore because viewers have seen the clothes too often. is aimed at TV professionals consigning clothes to other pros –but anyone can buy, according to the site.

“Whether you are an anchor, reporter, meteorologist, sportscaster, or host, you can make money and save money with,” says the site’s home page.

“Clothes that look great on TV can be hard to find and even harder for many broadcasters to afford,” says the “about us” section of the site.

“We also know that those of you who have been in the business for a while (or are out of it now) have a closet full of great ‘TV Clothes’ that you simply don’t wear anymore.” More…