Weather Anchor Says Goodbye, Ends 25-Year Run at WGRZ

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

A 25-year run at WGRZ has ended for weather anchor Kevin O’Connell.

Yesterday, O’Connell said farewell to his viewers in Buffalo, N.Y., in a pre-recorded goodbye.

“Thank you very much for your loyalty and viewership. Your comments both good and constructive. I’m not saying goodbye, just ‘I’ll see you down the road,'” he said.


O’Connell, who turns 70 in October, wanted to continue to work the same four-day schedule, but his current contract ended this week.

According to FTVLive and the Buffalo News, O’Connell’s departure comes weeks after he testified on behalf of a attorney who he endorsed online, which is against WGRZ and Tegna’s ethics policy.

You can watch the full goodbye below.