‘We Will Show Dead Babies on Every Television Station in the State of Iowa’

By Andrew Gauthier 

A man who claims to be running for President has promised to buy airtime on stations across Iowa to run graphic anti-abortion ads that display images of aborted fetuses, often in bizarre poses.

“We will show dead babies on every television station in the state of Iowa,” Randall Terry, a Democrat, declared recently.


Targeting pro-lifers who may have voted for Obama in the last presidential election, Terry has so far attempted to buy spots on stations in Cedar Rapids. KGAN, the market’s CBS-affiliate, has refused to run the ads–not necessarily because of their graphic nature but because Terry hasn’t established himself enough as a legitimate presidential candidate.

“We are continuing to review the issue in order to determine whether or not Mr. Terry is a legally qualified candidate for the Presidency of the United States,” KGAN’s attorney, who also represents sister station KFXA, said in a statement. “If we conclude that he is so qualified, we will be required by law to accept his advertisements.”

Terry also appears to be trying to get airtime on stations in New Hampshire, another key primary state.

Terry’s ads (which can be viewed here) attack Obama, calling the President a “child-killer,” and show what appear to be actual aborted fetuses curled up next to religious items such as a rosary and a crucifix.

KGAN recently reported on Terry’s plans to run his graphic ads. Here’s video…