‘We Have A Lot Of Work To Do As An Industry’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Tegna is preparing for its fifth innovation summit set to take place this Summer.

The station group, which has made it a stated goal to reshape how newscasts are presented (see: WTSP) and build digital series, is currently identifying 30 anchors, reporters, producers and digital journalists from stations across the country to meet at its McLean, Virginia headquarters in August.

Ellen Crooke, vice president of news, says these summits have been responsible for generating new series across digital and broadcast platforms that have brought in viewers and recognition for the station group.


Examples include the Atticus Investigative team out of WXIA in Atlanta and Next with Kyle Clark, which won a Murrow this year.

Crooke tells TVSpy a focus on idea generation will ensure the industry’s survival.