‘We Both Feel Secure,’ WGCL Management on Recent Moves

By Kevin Eck 

WGCL has been in the news for a flurry of anchor moves after new management moved in last year.

Scott Light‘s departure last week left Tracey Hutchins as the only weekday anchor left standing from the previous management since news director Larry Perret took over in September.

“We would have liked not to have made as many changes as we made,” gm Mark Pimentel told Rodney Ho, media reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “If we could have done this with what we had in terms of staff, it would have been much easier. … No one here is happy. We know lives have been disrupted. It’s not taken lightly.”


Pimentel also said, “We’re currently a fourth-place operation here. Both the research and ratings point to the fact we were having trouble attracting viewers and keeping viewers that might be provided by lead ins to our shows. It called for an examination of where we were and what we’re doing and who were key players in our operations both on screen and off screen.”

Ho got Pimentel and Perret to talk about their security with parent company Meredith and the Atlanta market.

[Ho]: Meredith hasn’t shown a lot of patience with past management. Will you be given the breathing room?

Pimentel: We both feel secure. We’re supported. We’re not worried about a timetable.

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