WCVB Reporter Jack Harper to Retire After 34 Years

By Mark Joyella 

Longtime WCVB reporter Jack Harper has announced he’s retiring from the Boston ABC station after 34 years.

“In my book, reporters fall into a few different categories: ‘Story-Breakers,’ ‘Story-Chasers’ and ‘Story-Tellers.’ Then there’s Jack Harper who falls into a category all of his own,” said WCVB news director Andrew Vrees in a memo published in the Boston Globe:

For the last 34 years Jack has made us laugh, scream, and mostly cry. His extraordinary ability to turn the mundane into TV gold has been a gift to this television station and to our viewers. Jack is retiring for all the right reasons. His last day will come at the end of May. Of course, we’ll all take time before then to celebrate a talented colleague and legend in Boston television.


Harper joined the station as a freelance reporter in 1981, and has also served as a weekend news anchor. Here’s a “WCVB Newsbreak” from Harper’s early days on Boston TV: