WCIU Expands Morning Newscast

By Merrill Knox 

wciu morning anchorsChicago independent station WCIU is adding an extra hour to its morning newscast, Robert Feder reports. Beginning in September, “You & Me This Morning” with Melissa Forman and Jeanne Sparrow will air from 6 to 9 a.m.:

“I always say ‘You & Me This Morning’ is the show that ‘zags’ when everyone else in the market is ‘zigging,’ ” senior executive producer Rob Morhaim said in a statement Monday.

“We are the show for people who are tired of waking up to the same news about what terrible thing happened the night before. We’re the show for people searching for a lighter and more fun way to start their day and viewers are responding. I’m delighted that we’re able to add an additional hour of local content with Jeanne and Melissa, who are so incredibly talented, relatable and without question, have the best teeth in morning television,” Morhaim said.