WCCO Makes Changes in the Morning

By Kevin Eck 

WCCO is re-tooling its morning anchor lineup right after May sweeps. The CBS owned Minneapolis station is moving current anchors Mike Binkley and Angela Davis to Sunday evenings and replacing them with Jason DeRusha (pictured right) and Jamie Yuccas (pictured left) beginning June 2.

“The expectations are very high at WCCO and we feel like we can do better in our morning show,” WCCO news director Mike Caputa told the Pioneer Press. “This isn’t about any performance issues with Mike or with Angela, they’ll still be in high-profile positions at the station, but we’re making this decision so that we hopefully can continue to grow and that we’ll be in a good position in the future. We’re hopeful that everybody will be at the television station for a long time.”

The Pioneer Press said recent ratings show WCCO is third of the four local stations at 6:00 a.m. in the demo.

With the shift of Binkley and Davis, Liz Collin will anchor Saturday evenings, but not Sunday. Aristea Brady will take Yuccas Saturday morning news slot and Heather Brown will take over the “Good Question” segment from DeRusha.

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