WBAL Stands By Report on Mike Flanagan Suicide

By Merrill Knox 

WBAL is standing by a controversial report by sports director Gerry Sandusky last night about the suicide of Mike Flanagan, a former Baltimore Orioles pitcher and general manager.

Sandusky cited multiple sources in claiming that Flanagan’s suicide was because the former athlete was depressed over perceived failures during his time managing the Orioles. Flanagan “wrestled for some time now with the perception of fans and colleagues alike of his role in the team’s failure,” Sandusky said. At the time his report (which can be watched here) aired last night, police had not yet confirmed Flanagan’s death was a suicide, and their official report, which was not released until today, cited Flanagan’s widow in listing the cause of his actions as “financial difficulties.”


Today, WBAL news director Michelle Butt defended Sandusky’s claim. “What we reported last night, we still stand by,” she told Balitmore media reporter David Zurawik. “There were many other things the sources told us. We were not surprised by what we heard today in the press conference.”