WATCH: ‘Look! I’m on Television!’ Steve Jobs Preps for First TV Appearance

By Kevin Eck 

Though the actual interview may be lost, hidden deep within KGO, or lying in a vault at San Francisco State University’s TV Archives, footage from 1978 has surfaced online of now-deceased tech guru Steve Jobs prepping for what’s being billed as his first TV appearance.

The footage shows Jobs, one-half of the team that founded Apple Computer, getting wired up at the San Francisco Bay Area ABC owned station. “God, look at that!” said the then 23-year-old Jobs seeing himself on a monitor off set. “Look!  I’m on television!”


Pretty wonky stuff to hear the guy who set the bar for consumer tech so excited about vacuum tube technology. But the uber-hip Jobs was still more than 20 years away.

And you can’t beat his warning that he needs to know where the bathrooms are, “I’m deathly ill, actually, and ready to throw up at any moment,” Jobs tells the crew.

mental_floss, which was one of the first to link to the footage, said it thinks the appearance may be for an interview about the Apple II which launched the previous year.