Watch as KOTV Sports Anchor/Huge Eagles Fan Loses It Over Super Bowl Win

By Chris Ariens 

Harold R. Kuntz is a sports reporter and anchor for KOTV in Tulsa. But he’s also a Philadelphia Eagles fan. A huge, emotional Eagles fan.

Last night, 18 minutes into KOTV’s 9 p.m. newscast on KQCW, The CW Tulsa, Kuntz lost it, learning his team had won its first Super Bowl.

“Okay, late breaking…,” anchor Scott Pfeil said, before being interrupted by a jubilant Kuntz who was in the studio ready to lead with the Lakers-Thunder game. Kuntz tried, but couldn’t get it together. So they went to commercial break. “My apologies for that impostor back there named Howard. I’m Harold,” Kuntz joked as he returned from the break, with the Lakers-Thunder highlights.