Atlanta News Puppy to Help Veterans

By Kevin Eck 

In September we told you about the puppy that joined the Fox-owned station in Austin.

Now, Atlanta Fox-owned station WAGA is getting into the service dog game by adding a puppy of its own named Max. Max, like KTBC’s Leinbach (the name of its puppy) is training to be a service dog and will eventually be paired up with a local veteran in need.

Max’s first day was Tuesday, January 17. WAGA says station staff will care for him and help him learn to serve an in-need veteran. He’ll spend his days in the newsroom, at the station, and out on the town picking up social skills. He’ll go home with a different foster parent each night.


He’ll eventually be a registered service dog with Canine Assistants, the non-profit organization based out of Milton, Ga. that places 75-100 dogs annually that work as service dogs, seizure response, and companions.

Max also predicted his hometown team would win the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers after he was placed on the 50 yard line at the Georgia Dome. Watch the video below.