WABC Meteorologist, Wife Have Conflicting Versions of Domestic Dispute

By Merrill Knox 

WABC meteorologist Bill Evans and his wife, Dana Evans, have conflicting versions of the events leading up to a domestic dispute last month. The New York Post takes a look at the two accounts of the incident, which began with an argument about moving cars in their Greenwich, Conn., driveway:

“Dana began to insult him in front of their children and told him that he does not live there nor is he wanted there,” according to according to an affidavit by Greenwich police officer Kristin Lindstrom, summarizing Bill Evans’ version of events. His daughter asked him to move the car. He told her that he would after he changed, the affidavit said.

“Dana then stormed into the room and dumped the contents of his work bag on to the bed and retrieved the keys,” according to the document. When Bill Evans asked for his keys back, “Dana then punched him with her right hand on the left side of his face while holding the keys and then slapped him,” the WABC weatherman told police.


He said that she tried to “karate kick” him, but fell on the slippery hardwood floor. That’s when the fight turned really nasty, he claims, and she scratched his testicles. He says he then pushed her away, but she came at him with a wooden clothes hanger, whipping him in the back and buttocks.

As for Dana Evans’ account of the incident:

Dana Evans, 48, said she wanted to move cars outside their Old Greenwich driveway, so they could both leave on time the next morning. She went into the bedroom and asked for the car keys. But Bill Evans refused to give them up, according to the affidavit documenting her version of events.

The wife then tried to get the keys herself and Bill Evans “grabbed her by the left hand at which time she attempted to throw the keys across the room and out the door,” Lindstrom’s report showed. “That the keys landed in the closet and they both attempted to reach the keys first.”

He shoved her, she said, so she tried to kick him away. He grabbed her leg, forcing her to fall, she said. Dana said he punched her in the right eye with a closed fist as she backed away. She defended herself with the clothes hanger, she said.

Both Dana and Bill Evans were charged with disorderly conduct and assault in the third degree.