WABC Anchor Sade Baderinwa Explains Month-Long Absence

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WABC anchor Sade Baderinwa has opened up about what has kept her off the air for the last month.

She posted a long explanation on her Facebook page: “So where have I been? Trust me, I wish I had a great tale of adventure to share. Unfortunately, I’ve been recovering from a car accident. This time however (for those who remember my hit and run) I was the passenger, not the one mowed down in the street!”

Baderinwa, who anchors the evening news at the New York ABC station, says she suffered from a debilitating concussion that went diagnosed at first. It kept her in bed without television, cell phones or computers, for over a month.


“I could go on… trust me… but what more do I need to say except, thank you. Thank you to all those who’ve sent regards and wondered where I’ve been. It’s a month later and I’m finally getting better. Finally feeling like myself. Finally feeling ready to return to work again!”

Baderinwa is expected back to work this week. Her post has received more than 2,000 views.