WABC Anchor Asks the Unvaccinated to ‘Stay Away’

By Kevin Eck 

WABC anchor Bill Ritter has sparked a twitter discussion with a tweet asking the unvaccinated to “stay away” from him.

“Anyone who hasn’t gotten vaccinated – and is medically able to get the shots – I ask a favor,” wrote Ritter. “Please – stay away from me. And at least have the decency to let people know you’re not inoculated. Put a sign around your neck. Something. Anything. Please.”

According to Ritter, the tweet was publicized on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox. “The response has been so vitriolic,” said Ritter who added, “a word of warning if you’re surfing my page.”


Responses to the tweet ranged from agreement to his caution to a couple of viewers asking if the unvaccinated should wear yellow stars similar to those given Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

His tweet comes before one from WABC sports anchor Ryan Field announcing his return after a 10-day quarantine for testing positive for the Delta variant.

Field said “The diagnosis came as a surprise because I am double-vaxed with the Pfizer vaccine…..” Field added that the symptoms he experienced were short-lived, which he attributed to the vaccination.

“I’m writing this to remind you that we are far from being done with this viscous (sic) disease,” said Field. “Stay vigilant, wear your mask when necessary and by all means, if you can get vaccinated, please do so. It might just save your life.”

Here’s Ritter Tweet:

This was first reported by FTVLive.

Here’s a look at Field’s tweet:

TVSpy asked ABC Television Stations for its reaction. We’ll let you know if they reply.