WAAY Meteorologist Reports Live From His Porch as Tornado System Rolls In

By Andrew Gauthier 

“I’m only about 10 feet away from my safe place, and it won’t take me three seconds to get there,” veteran meteorologist Gary Dobbs assured his WAAY colleague Brad Huffines as he provided a first-hand report from his home on the powerful storm system that ripped through Alabama this week (video above).

Dobbs, who was home after working the morning shift, called in to the station on Wednesday afternoon and reported live from his porch as the storm quickly moved closer to his house.


“You hear about tornadoes, you report on tornadoes,” WAAY news director Keith Lowhorne told the Beaver County Times about Dobbs’s reporting. “Gary’s had his share of tornadoes, but when you’re actually in a tornado, it’s a whole different ball game.”