Viewers Voice Fear South New Jersey NBC Station Being Sold For its Spectrum

By Kevin Eck 

After the sale of Linwood, NJ, NBC affiliate WMGM to LocusPoint Networks was reported, some viewers began voicing their opposition to the move.

A website called sprang up to rally opposition to the sale of one of the few network affiliated stations in New Jersey.

NBC 40 owner, Access.1 Communications, has signed a deal to sell the station to LocusPoint Networks, and they have applied to the FCC for approval of the sale. To put it bluntly, LocusPoint Networks (LPN) is a spectrum speculator. They are NOT a broadcaster. They want NBC 40’s TV channel for an FCC auction where it could be sold to the highest bidder, who would in turn use the channel’s allotted frequency space for expansion of various wireless services: cell phones and other wireless devices.


On its website, which looks like its still under construction, LocusPoint describes itself as an “early stage wireless communications company.”

Bill deKay, co-founder of LocusPoint Networks, told TVSpy, “After the FCC approval is granted, our plan is to continue to operate as an NBC affiliate with the current team in place.” According to the station, current owner Access.1 will continue to manage WMGM under a shared services agreement with Locus Point.

In the upcoming spectrum auctions, The FCC will auction off broadcasting spectrum to open up bandwidth for wireless communications. Some say many speculators are gobbling up smaller stations in the hopes the spectrum will bring big money in the auctions.

In July, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez (D) along with others urged the FCC to re examine the license for New Jersey’s FOX owned MyNetworkTV affiliate WWOR after it dropped its traditional local newscast and replaced it with a new style of news show called “Chasing New Jersey.”

TVSpy attempted to contact the people behind and current WMGM owners Access.1 Communications but have not heard back.