Viewers Express Anger After WQAD Reports Anchor Jason Fechner’s DUI

By Merrill Knox 

jason fechnerWQAD, the ABC affiliate in serving the Quad Cities area of Illinois and Iowa, is facing some negative Facebook comments after reporting the DUI arrest of its main anchor, Jason Fechner.

Fechner’s co-anchor, Denise Hnytka, told viewers of Fechner’s DUI arrest on Monday’s 5 p.m. newscast, saying he had been arrested for driving under the influence overnight and was subsequently taken to the Rock Island County Jail, where he later posted bond.

After the report aired, WQAD got some negative feedback about the report on its Facebook page, ranging from “I thought it was kind of tacky how you announced the news about Jason Fechner” to “I think it was really crappy of you to publicly humiliate a fellow colleague like you did. We will not be watching your news cast anymore!! Very disrespectful.”


“Was a loyal WQAD watcher until tonight. Way to stay classy channel 8. KWQC will be number 1 in our house from today forward,” one commenter wrote. “Very sad that any producer thought what was done on tonight’s news was necessary.”

“If WQAD is going to announce this to humiliate someone that has served the public for all this time, the least they could do is give details….so tired of the news persecuting someone for an indiscretion when the REAL idiots keep doing it and do not get enough air time….WQAD needs to clarify why this was newsworthy,” another wrote.

TVSpy has invited WQAD general manager Jim Kizer to comment.

What do you think — should the station have reported on Fechner’s arrest? Let us know in the comments.