Viewer Tells KTLA Meteorologist ‘You Dress Like Wilma Flintstone’

By Kevin Eck 

KTLA meteorologist Liberté Chan was reminded it takes thick skin to work in TV after a viewer sent her a handwritten note criticizing what she wears.

Chan tweeted out a picture of the letter saying she dressed like Wilma Flintstone and should get hints from Vera, “because she has class.”

“You sure know how to strut your stuff,” wrote John Boier. “Keep in mind you are only a weathergirl not CEO of a megamillion co.”


Boier also told Chan to “Show some professionalism!!”

Chan has gotten attention for her wardrobe in the past. In May, her co-anchor Chris Burrous handed her a sweater to wear after the two said the station was getting viewer complaints about what she was wearing.

“I get a lot of letters and tweets about my wardrobe, some nice, some not so nice,” wrote Chan. “If you get in this biz, you have to have thick skin!”

Here’s the tweet:

Here’s what she wore Sunday:
Chan KTLA - Sunday