Viewer Tells Arkansas Anchor Society ‘Not Ready for Gay Men Reading News’

By Kevin Eck 

Mitchell McCoy, anchor for Little Rock, Ark., NBC affiliate KARK, hit back at a viewer who told him yesterday not to be offended “but, society is not ready for gay men reading news.”

“I’ve dreamt of being a reporter since I was 9 and I won’t stop on your behalf,” McCoy said on Twitter.

The viewer also told McCoy “I can’t stand your gayness” and said he would ask McCoy’s boss to take him off air because he is a “disgrace to Arkansas.”


“As public figures, our journalists often receive messages from viewers — some good, some bad,” KARK news director Austin Kellerman told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “It’s part of our profession. Mitch is a great journalist, and we’re happy to have him on our team.

McCoy finished by telling viewers “dream loudly and don’t let anyone get in your way. The minute you stop is the minute you stop being who you are. It’s not worth it.”