Viewer on WCVB Reporter: ‘She Saved My Life’

By Andrew Gauthier 

WCVB‘s Kelley Tuthill is now cancer-free, following a five year battle with breast cancer that she has documented in a series of reports for the ABC-affiliate.  And as WCVB prepares to air the final chapter of Tuthill’s cancer story tonight, one local viewer is underscoring the importance of her reporting.

“She saved my life,” Shirley Sokol, who found a lump on her breast after doing a self-exam inspired by one of Tuthill’s reports, told the Boston Herald recently.  “She made me realize that a self-exam was very important.”

Sokol had a partial mastectomy and was able to overcome the disease.


While Tuthill has inspired many women to get screened for breast cancer, she says that viewers have provided her encouragement as well.

“I have friends that I never would have met,” she said, talking about all of the viewer feedback she’s received during her battle with breast cancer. “I have a purpose in life that didn’t exist before, and that’s been so powerful.”

Video of Tuthill’s cancer coverage is available here (WCVB doesn’t allow embedding).

And here’s a Boston Herald video in which Tuthill describes her connection with other women suffering from breast cancer…