Video: Ron Paul Supporters Protest Fox News Coverage Outside Meredith-Owned KVVU

By Merrill Knox 

Supporters of presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) have long been vocal about the perceived media bias against Paul, particularly on Fox News Channel, where they feel their candidate doesn’t get a fair shake. Yesterday, they took to the streets in Las Vegas to protest Fox News outside Fox affiliate KVVU.

The only problem? KVVU is owned by Meredith Corporation — not News Corp., which is the parent company of both Fox Broadcasting and Fox News Channel. As part of a standard station affiliation agreement, KVVU shares video and reporters with their affiliated network — in this case, Fox News Channel — but makes editorial decisions independently.


KVVU was quick to point out — on their website, and on a report on the evening news last night (watch, above) — that they have dedicated many resources to covering the Paul campaign. In interviewers with the protesters, station reporters attempted to explain the situation, pointing out that KVVU covered Paul’s last visit to Nevada, on May 17.

“We appreciate that,” said protest organizer David Hart. “That’s a good point. I didn’t see you there. I wasn’t looking for you.”