KEYC Anchor Slurs Her Way Through Newscast

By Andrew Gauthier 

KEYC weekend anchor Annie Stensrud slurred her way through the station’s 10 p.m. newscast on Sunday.  It appeared as though she had taken some strong cough medicine or perhaps had a bit too much fun while watching the Vikings game earlier in the day (video above).

Stensrud has been anchoring the Mankato CBS-affiliate’s weekend evening newscasts for the past year and she was on-air as usual this past Sunday, but something was amiss.


After struggling to follow the teleprompter, Stensrud disappeared from the newscast near its halfway point (it was shortened after CBS’s NFL coverage ran long earlier in the evening) and meteorologist Mitch Keegan and sports anchor Erick Lind were left to finish on their own.

Contacted by TVSpy about the incident, KEYC news director Dan Ruiter refused to offer an explanation.

“Even though we work in a very public business, personnel issues need to remain private–and that’s exactly what this is,” Ruiter wrote in an email.

According to Ruiter, Stensrud remains an employee at the station.