Veteran Reporter Caroline Lowe Leaves WCCO, Following Colleagues to San Luis Obispo’s KSBY

By Andrew Gauthier 

Reporter Caroline Lowe, who has covered crime for WCCO since 1977, is leaving the Minneapolis-St. Paul CBS O&O for San Luis Obispo’s KSBY, a station that has become a haven for ‘CCO expats.

Lowe’s husband recently retired and the couple decided to make a move to the California coast, where their daughter Shelby currently works as a news producer for KSBY.

Shelby used to work as an assignment editor at WCCO and she’s one of three former WCCO staffers to recently join KSBY. Jeanette Trompeter and John Reger, who were both laid off by WCCO, currently anchor KSBY’s weekday evening newscasts.


“I love this place. WCCO is such a part of my DNA, but I also look forward to working with young people and helping them,” said Lowe, who will work as a news manager, mentoring KSBY’s team of young reporters.

Trompeter had this to say on her blog about the move:

I’m thrilled.    I worked with Caroline for 5 years at WCCO.  She was one of my first pals in the newsroom and remains one today.   So personally I’m thrilled to have her living close by again.  And professionally, it’s a great gain for KSBY.    Caroline is one of the best reporters in the business, and we’re soon going to be having her expertise guiding young reporters at “The Y”.    She’s dedicated, tedious, hard-working and loyal to the pursuit of doing good journalism.

Sometimes all it takes is a visit.  And that was pretty much the case for Caroline.   Shortly after I moved back home to San Luis Obispo, she and her husband came for a visit to say hi.   The bug was planted then.   She saw how beautiful this area is, kept saying “You live in Paradise Jeanette.  You live in Paradise.”    I do.   But I loved Minneapolis too so it’s a great thing when those two worlds can converge like they do when someone from Minneapolis comes for a visit, or even better to stay.

Here’s a WCCO report uploaded to YouTube that features both Trompeter and Lowe: