Veteran Exits WTAE as Pittsburgh Stations Go Younger

By Andrew Gauthier 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

For more than a decade, local TV stations have put a premium on hiring younger reporters, in part to appeal to younger viewers. In the past few years, as the economy has tightened, the impetus also has been to hire less expensive reporters, which goes hand-in-hand with younger reporters.

It’s an especially noticeable phenomenon in Pittsburgh, which was once a destination market but as its rank has fallen (from No. 19 to No. 23 in the past 12 years) the city has become more of a stepping-stone for younger reporters.


That’s why it was refreshing when, under a previous management regime, WTAE hired veteran reporter Jon Greiner in 2000. Too bad current executives opted not to renew Mr. Greiner’s contract More…