Veteran Anchor Set to Make Debut at Albany’s WTEN

By Andrew Gauthier 

Times Union

WTEN’s new 4 p.m. newscast debuts Monday, marking the return of Lydia Kulbida to local airwaves.

Kulbida was a longtime anchor at WNYT, Ch. 13, and a favorite with viewers. But the NBC affiliate let Kulbida go last December. At WTEN, she’ll be paired with Elisa Streeter on the new newscast, along with weatherman Steve Caporizzo.


The newscast will debut on an interesting afternoon — the day that President Obama is expected in the area. That could mean big ratings for the program. But it also means unexpected coverage, as every television news outlet will likely broadcast the Obama visit live.

But Mike Sechrist, interim general manager at WTEN, said he expects viewers will want Kulbida’s take on the presidential visit. More…