Vaccinated WRAL Reporter Hospitalized After Positive Covid Test

By Kevin Eck 

WRAL reporter Gilbert Baez is recovering after testing positive for Covid-19.

In a sometimes emotional Facebook live video, Baez said he went to the hospital Thursday after his fever didn’t respond to medication.​ He was fully vaccinated in January.

“The Delta variant does not care,” said Baez. “We took every precaution. The Delta variant does not care.” Baez said his doctor told him being vaccinated did help him fight off the virus.


He said he was feeling better on Saturday afternoon but that he is the only patient on the Covid floor who is vaccinated and the only one not on oxygen or on a ventilator.

Baez said he and his wife had hosted 10 vaccinated friends for his 66th birthday party two weeks ago. Both he and his wife tested positive for the virus days after the party and five of the 10 friends and family also tested positive. He said he is the only one who needed to be hospitalized.

He said his wife and three other people who tested positive are also recovering.

Here’s the live video he posted to Facebook: