Using Her Own Experience (and Footage), WTSP Anchor Tries to Sell Viewers on ‘Hypno Birthing’

By Andrew Gauthier 

It’s common for anchors and reporters to give viewers a glimpse of their private lives, especially when babies are involved, and WTSP anchor Heather Van Nest, who recently gave birth, is no different.

Although the details that Van Nest has shared of her pregnancy are certainly out of the ordinary.

Earlier this year, Van Nest described to a local magazine how she used acupuncture to get pregnant and in a recent segment on WTSP’s 11 p.m. newscast (above), she introduced viewers to “hypno birthing,” the method of hypnotism and breathing that, according to Van Nest, allows women to go through labor relatively pain-free. Set on selling the method, Van Nest even included delivery room footage of herself in the WTSP segment. [h/t Florida News Center]

>Update: Van Nest reached out to TVSpy and pointed out that she writes a natural health blog on WTSP’s website. For more of Van Nest’s coverage of “hypno birthing,” click here.