Upstart Media Coalition Gains Momentum

By Andrew Gauthier 

Broadcasting & Cable

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement is moving into high gear this week launching a Website at The organization is also preparing to officially release its long-awaited request for proposals (RFP) this week, according to executives familiar with discussions.

The first RFP is aimed at soliciting a set-top-box data study based on three to six months of data for evaluation rather than sales purposes. The second RFP looks for a cross-platform data study which would, “reflect exposure of specific video sources on television, the Internet and mobile media.”


While the group has been relatively quiet since it announced its formation in the summer, it now appears ready to spring into action. Spearheading the venture’s executive committee is MTV Networks’ Executive-VP Insights and Research, Colleen Fahey Rush. Surprisingly, NBC Universal’s Alan Wurtzel, who was the main catalyst for its creation, is taking a more behind-the-scenes role. More…