Up Against Reruns, ‘Leno’ Scores Season-Low

By Andrew Gauthier 


Night “A” of “Plan B” viewing of NBC’s “Jay Leno Show” didn’t go so well. After all, if “Leno” is ever going to regain the media mojo it enjoyed week one of the new season, it will be the during the first week of reruns on the other two networks with 10 p.m. shows, CBS and ABC.

CBS obliged with a rerun of “CSI: Miami,” which delivered a 3.1/8 rating and share in the ad-centric adult 18-49 demographic, which, although 24% lower than this season’s original episode average, still won the hour. And while ABC ran an original, it was of its relatively low-rated “Castle.”


But it was ABC that was “Plan B” for many viewers, as “Castle” built a season-high 2.5/7.

“Leno,” conversely, tied a season low with a 1.3/4.

“Leno’s” failure to convert repeatedly resistant viewers may be a one-night phenomenon, of course. But if the pattern is repeated the next two nights, when CBS will once again run reruns, it may solidify the sense that it’s not just that viewers are choosing first-run, often first-rate dramas on other networks, but that many viewers have simply decided against watching Jay Leno in primetime. More…