Two St. Louis Reporters Safe After Getting Stuck in Flood Waters

By Kevin Eck 

Two KSDK reports came face to face with the dangers of reporting in extreme weather after historic rainfall hit the St. Louis area.

Reporters Sidney Stallworth (pictured right) and Mercedes Mackay (left) found themselves stranded after their car began to flood, while they were heading to to cover the story.

“It was very scary.” Stallworth told anchor Rene Knott during a live shot. “The engine cut off. Our car was under water and we didn’t know what to do.”


They were rescued by the Pattonville Fire Department, who told Stallworth in a later interview that they had been out all day rescuing people during the flooding.

“After a very scary morning, feeling blessed to be safe. One last ‘Thank you’ to these firefighters at Pattonville Fire for pulling us out of the record-breaking flood waters,” she wrote on Twitter. “Mercedes Mackay and I are safe and sound.”

Here’s video of the story:

The story was picked up by NBC Nightly News: