Two Houston Reporters Suffer Broken Bones in The Same Week

By Kevin Eck 

Here’s a bit of the news of the weird for your Thursday. In the space of one week, two Houston reporters have broken bones in their legs.

Last Saturday, KPRC weekday evening anchor Daniella Guzman told viewers she had broken a bone and posted a shot of her on crutches with her leg bandaged up.

Guzman on Crutches


“DARN!! On crutches again!” Guzman wrote in her post, which included a photo of her left leg wrapped in a cast. “I’ve had 2 knee surgeries but I’ve never broken a bone until now.”

Guzman broke the last two metatarsals on her left foot. It will take six to eight weeks to get better, but she’ll keep working. Despite the injury, a spokesperson for KPRC told Chron Guzman still has a great sense of humor and is in good spirits.

Guzman’s injury comes a few days after KTRK reporter Miya Shay revealed she broke bones after slipping on a deck at the back of her house (pictured upper right).

“Monday morning, as I opened our back door and took my dog out, I slipped on the steps and heard the bone-breaking sound,” she wrote on social media. “Yeesh, X-rays show 3 breaks! Ouch!! Spending a 2nd night at @houstonmethodist. Doctors are being super nice. i got to admit, it’s a little rough! Be back soon!”