Tulsa Photographer Displays True Act of Kindness

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Tulsa reporter Reagan Ledbetter gave his photographer a humble brag on social media yesterday.

In a long Facebook post, Ledbetter told viewers about what his KOTV photographer Jerome Akintunde did for a man who just got out of jail:

This morning at 7:30 my photographer and I finished up our last live shot of the morning (very cold morning) at the Tulsa County Jail. Like any morning we started to put away the lights, the camera and the rest of the gear in the car, so we could hop inside and warm up.


All of a sudden my photographer started walking towards the entrance of the jail (I thought he was throwing away some trash). After I put the gear in the car I look over and I see him talking to a man in shorts and a t-shirt, with no shoes on…just socks. He just got out of jail minutes earlier. It was 25 degrees outside.

That’s when all of a sudden I noticed my photographer take his shoes off… then he slid them over to the shivering man. The man put them on. I saw him say “thank you” and my photographer walked back to our car.

Ledbetter said Akintunde told him he did it because the man needed shoes more than he did. Here’s to spreading that holiday cheer!